Waiting Well by Rev. Kathy Brockman

I do not like to wait. I do not like to wait on much of anything. And, I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in my distaste for waiting. This is evidenced by a world that lives on text messaging, the promise of instant credit, same day delivery by online merchants and cell phones which allow us to instantly “Google” an answer to our every question—to name only a few modern conveniences which satisfy our need for instant gratification. Honestly, waiting can be good for us, and waiting is a part of life. We will explore what it means to wait and to wait well in the last installment of our sermon series, The Good Place. I hope you’ll join us as we look at Jesus’ Parable of The Ten Bridesmaids, what waiting means in the Kingdom of God and how we can do it well.

One aspect of waiting well is to carry out the commandment to love and serve our neighbors. Two service opportunities for you to become involved with at DUMC include Foodstock and our updated Hospitality Ministry efforts. Foodstock is scheduled for Saturday, August 10 in our Gym, where we will assemble nearly 315,000 dehydrated meals for children in need across the globe. This is a volunteer opportunity for families or other groups to serve together. Sign up for a shift at dunwoodyumc.org/foodstock or call the church office at 770-394-0675.

Our Hospitality Ministry team is reminding us to make guests feel welcome whenever they come to DUMC by introducing yourself, learning guests’ names, introducing them to others and providing them with information about activities at DUMC. Two rules to remember: the 10-Foot Rule and the 3-Minute Rule. Speak to those people who are within 10 feet of you, especially those who may be alone. And spend three minutes before and after worship meeting and talking with people you don’t know. There will be plenty of time to speak to friends too. And remember to wear your nametag!

May we all make the best use of our time as we wait for God’s Kingdom on Earth to be perfected, and as we fulfill our own responsibilities toward that Kingdom.

Rev. Kathy Brockman