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Club 45 Evenings

Club 45 has wrapped for this school year, but we’re looking forward to our summer pool party on July 20.  Be on the lookout for more information! Club 45 Evenings offer 4th and 5th graders a monthly meeting aimed solely at their age group. We’ll use the monthly Kid’s theme used in all other programming for the month, but delivered in a single worship service. In addition, the kids will fellowship across a meal and participate in interactive activities aimed at digging deeper into the lesson and building community. This is a drop off event, but please walk your child(ren) to the meeting space to check in before leaving.

Sunday School

Summer Sunday School

Plan to spend your summer Sunday’s with us when you’re in town.  Each Sunday will have a unique activity.  Details for each week coming soon!

Spark Sunday School

If your kids aren't quite ready to sit through the entire Modern service, or you only have an hour this Sunday, listen for the dismissal during the service (usually after the prayer) and have your kids go across the hall to the Wesley Room. Spark includes an age appropriate worship message and activities to support it.  Please check in at the Dunwoody Kids station in the lobby of the Activities building.  If you’re checked in for Sunday School, we will move the kids downstairs to their Sunday School class.

Wednesday Night

Our Children’s Choirs (preschool age 3 through 5th Grade) and Tone Chimes Choir (3rd – 5th Grade) meet on Wednesdays.  For more information, please click here.

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How Can My Child Engage More with DUMC?

Interested in checking out more child-inclusive ministries at DUMC? Visit our Preschool, Children's Choirs and Missions pages for more opportunities to get involved!

How Can I Engage?

Volunteer Opportunities

For kid’s volunteer opportunities, please contact Jennifer Dees at

Faith at Home

We love having your children with us, and we work to have as many opportunities to connect as possible. However, we know that out of all the waking hours of the week, we’re only going to get 1-3 hours to help your kids know about the love of God. In that light, we are happy to provide you with ideas, materials and techniques to help build faith at home! Each week in Sunday school, we provide some questions for discussion. We encourage families to talk about them at home! Check out our Facebook page each Monday for a summary of the lesson to help spark discussion throughout the week!


I would love to help! Please contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!

Tambryn Freund

Kid's Ministry Director

(770) 394-0675 ext. 158