Adult small groups are a great way to get involved, meet new people and grow in your faith. Groups meet at various times and start throughout the year.

Please visit our Men's and Women's Ministry pages for more group study opportunities.

Not In It To Win It 

Is it possible to disagree politically and love unconditionally? Delve into this question with Dr. John Simmons as he facilitates discussion of Andy Stanley's book, "Not In It To Win It: Why Choosing Sides Sidelines the Church". RSVP HERE

Christian Believer

Christian Believer is part of the Disciple Bible Studies, and focuses on classical teachings of the Christian faith—presenting, explaining, and interpreting them in a way that we can understand, using words, symbols, and hymns. This class lasts 30 weeks with breaks for holidays. It is for women of all ages and will be led by Megan Cann and Rev. Kathy Brockman. Register HERE!

DUMC Outdoor Ministry

The Outdoor Ministry of DUMC is for those who:
  • -Wish to enhance their spiritual life
  • -Have the desire to get outside and experience nature (no experience necessary!)
  • -Seek a closer relationship to the community of faith
  • -Try new things, learn new skills, and experience new places
The Outdoor Ministry of DUMC is designed to bring together active adults who are seeking God in Christian fellowship together with those with similar interests. Some of us find the “barrier” between God and ourselves is thinner when in nature. You may have experience, have participated in outdoor activities earlier in life, or have no experience whatsoever. All that is required is desire.


If you have other specific questions or need more information about Adult Small Group Studies, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Rev. David Melton

Minister to the Congregation

(770) 394-0675 ext. 114