These Things Are Made Possible…

Last Sunday morning, Neal Purcell, the Committee on Finance Chairperson gave a financial update on the church. He ended by announcing that we will close our Stewardship Campaign on Sunday, Feb. 9, and build our budget around the commitments that have been made at that time.

If you were here, you know he spoke pretty directly. If you were not here, you may have heard about it. The response of the congregation that morning was wonderful. After the service was over, a lady came to me in the Narthex, explained she was a visitor to the church, but was so moved she was going home and write a check and make a contribution. I liked that.

A member of the congregation approached me and told me to tell the Stewardship Committee he was going to go right home and fill out a pledge card, so there was no need to call.

Another man shared a conversation he had with three of his friends. All four were grateful for the transparency and planned to do whatever was needed to help make sure the church remained strong.

Obviously, the key is translating our love for the church into concrete actions, and many have already done so. Others of you plan to do so this morning or will do so in the next few days. I want to express my deep appreciation to all those who have made pledges for this next year, all those who stepped up and increased their pledges for next year, and all those who had not previously pledged, but are doing so now out of their deep love and devotion to Christ and the Church.

As you make your commitments, I invite you to reflect on the ministries that have been most meaningful to you. Maybe that is the Children’s, Youth or Young Adult Ministry. Maybe it is the Sunday School program or the small group of which you are a part. Possibly it is the Missions’ programs or the Hospitality committee. Maybe you have had a loved one die, and the Funeral Ministry was particularly meaningful to you. Perhaps the music program has meant a great deal to you or to your children. Maybe there have been occasions where you have found hope or inspiration during one of our Worship Services.

As you think about these things, remember that they are made possible through your generosity. Without your help, none of it would exist.

See you Sunday, if not before!

Yours in Christ,