Not Your Basic Math!

September 7, 2018

In school we are taught that 1+1=2. It is basic math. Our whole mathematical system is built upon that rule. If you have one hamburger on your plate and then you put another one on your plate, what do you have (besides an astronomical number of calories)? You have two hamburgers. It makes sense, right?

But Jesus tells us that when it comes to the church, it is different. Jesus tells us that in the church when you put one Christian with another Christian and they are together in Jesus’ name, you have far more than two people. Jesus tells us that he is there among us. (Matthew 18:20)

Over the next few weeks some exciting things are happening in worship. First, this Sunday, September 9, our third graders will receive their Bibles. This is one of my favorite Sundays of the year. Every time I have the privilege of handing a new Bible to the children, I recall the day when my church gave me my Bible. Although I have since bought many other Bibles, I still have the one that was given to me by my church. It is a reminder that I mattered to that church and they were willing to invest in my spiritual future.

Also, this Sunday, as we close out our series of sermons, “In Search of God…” we welcome Rev. Keith Lawder, who will be with us to preach and lead in the celebration of the sacraments in the Chapel Service, while Rev. Josh Amerson will lead the Contemporary and Traditional Services.

Next Sunday, September 16, Rev. Kathy Brockman will preach at the Contemporary and Traditional Services. This year, Kathy will appear before the North Georgia Conference Board of Ordained Ministry to be considered for ordination next June. The process that leads to ordination is extremely intensive and extensive. One aspect of it involves preaching at your home church and then having that sermon reviewed and evaluated by the Board. Kathy will preach her ordination sermon on that Sunday.

Sunday, September 16, is also the United Methodist Children’s Home Amazing Grace Sunday. Rev. Dave Allen Grady will speak briefly about the Children’s Home, our involvement with it, and to give each of us a chance to help contribute to this important and worthwhile ministry.

Then, starting Sunday, September 23, we begin a series of sermons entitled, “Christianity and the Real World.” As Christians we live in a real world with real issues. You have only to watch the news or look at the alerts on your cell phone to see some of the issues that confront those of us who seek to follow Christ. Issues such as human sexuality, family matters, how are we to make sense of faith and science, the relationship of the church with other religions, and the relationship of faith and politics. In this series, we will be addressing some of these issues.

As I say, we have some exciting things happening in worship over the next few weeks, but best of all, when we gather in Christ’s name we have the promise that Christ will be among us.

See you Sunday, if not before!