It Takes a Team

September 28, 2018

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to be in all three of our worship services. It is not the first time. As with this past week, there have been times when I have preached in all three of the services. On other occasions, I have simply stepped in and observed. However, one of the things that strikes me is the amazingly smooth way all of this unfolds.

For each of the services, you have greeters who welcome not only those who have attended this church for years and decades, but also those who are visiting for the very first time. They offer a hand shake, a warm smile, and help to set the mood for the worship that is to come.

You have ushers who offer a friendly word while they hand out the bulletins, help to make sure people get seated, take up the offering, step in to help when an emergency arises and speak to people when they are leaving the service.

You have people at the welcome centers to assist visitors and provide information when someone has a question.

You have an Altar Guild that makes sure the altar table is appropriately set up for each of our worship services. This often involves the set-up and take down of Communion. Coinciding with the Altar Guild is the Flower Committee who makes sure we have a beautiful arrangement of flowers each week.

You have musicians for each of the services. In the Chapel service there is always special music. In the Contemporary service, there is our music team. In the Traditional service, there is the Choir. And of course, at the Chapel and Traditional services Mary Ruth is always on the organ.

You have the acolytes who light the candles at the Traditional service. You have Lay Readers who read Scripture at each of the services. At the Contemporary service you have lay people who offer the prayer.

You have a tech team that makes sure the services are recorded for the internet and that the sound and video presentations are running without a hitch. Ed Trundle has told me on numerous occasions that the highest compliment that can be paid to a tech team is for no one to notice there is a tech team.

There is all the work that is done by the Worship Committee behind the scenes to make sure that everything is coordinated. All this, not to mention the clergy who work so hard to lead the services.

Literally dozens and dozens of people help to make sure that worship is meaningful for all who come. So, this Sunday, let me challenge you to do something. When you bump into one of those who serve in one of these capacities, take a moment to thank them. It will make their day even as they work to help make your Sabbath a special one.