Now Hiring! Children’s Formation Coordinator

Do you want kids to know they are loved and prized people of God’s creation? Are you passionate about empowering them to teach the same to others? If so, join our growing team!

Dunwoody UMC’s Children’s Ministry has spent the last year planning and strategizing to create a Children’s Ministry that focuses on meaningful connection with the children of our existing congregation and the children of our Dunwoody community.

Our ministry forms part of the combined Next Gen Ministry working in tandem with Nursery, Preschool, Youth, and Sports, to work toward a program going from birth to adulthood to create connected, empowered, disciples of Christ.

To do this, we need to grow our team!

We are hiring a part-time Formation Coordinator to be responsible for synchronizing messaging across our weekly formational moments. This includes tasks such as editing the weekly Sunday curriculum and adapting that curriculum to our weekly Preschool chapel. It also includes being part of team meetings to plan and implement our milestone events with a message in-line with our Formational goals.

The ideal candidate understands the developmental skills appropriate to ages 4-12, enjoys choosing games and activities for kids, and enjoys writing and editing lessons. They also have a strong desire to help kids grow into the knowledge that they are beloved members of Christ’s Holy Family, and they have a solid faith in God himself. This is a perfect position for teachers, ECE majors, and anyone who loves working with children as they grow in their faith.

This role serves 20 hours a week including Wednesday Evenings, two Sundays a month, and a flexible schedule during weekdays M-Th. Teaching and/or children’s ministry experience required. Please send your resume to