All Saints’ Sunday

November 2, 2018

This Sunday will be a very special day in the life of the Church. Every Sunday is special, but this Sunday we observe All Saints’ Sunday. All Saints’ Sunday is that time when we remember those who have passed from life to death… to eternal life. That last part is very important. We are not just remembering those who have died, but those who have outrun us to the throne of God’s grace and continue to live on in glory.

At a designated time in the service, we will have the Naming of the Honored Dead. As each name is called, family and friends are invited to stand, a candle will be lighted, and a bell will be sounded. In this way, we are reminded that their light still shines and their witness is still heard. Below are the names that will be called.

Bill Hodges

Ralph Martin

Glenda Chrisman

Anne Francisco

Rosalie FitzPatrick

Priscilla Holman

Betty Marshall

Hester Thompson

Anne Criscillis

Shirley Sheppard

Suzanne Hibbs

Toine Ashley

Frank Deaver

Lloyd Netherton

Cle Jackson

Ernestine Butler

Alberta Petersen

Helen Chamness

Clark Cornett

Jon Martindale

Dot Yates

Rusty Mills

Ethel McKee

Herb Williams

Jarrott Lindsey, Jr.

George Snelling

Behind each of these names is a story. We are grateful to God for their positive influence and we remember each of their families in our prayers.