DUMC Staff Profile: Meet Charlotte Crofton!

As a part of our DUMC Staff Profile Series, we are excited to introduce you to Charlotte Crofton today! Charlotte has served as our Children’s Ministry Intern since September 2020. We hope you enjoy getting to know Charlotte a little better, and be sure to say hello the next time you see her at DUMC!

DUMC: What are your main responsibilities as the Children’s Ministry Intern?

Charlotte: I help with Sunday planning, including digital learning, large group activities and Sunday shortcut. I also lead our devotionals for Club 45.

DUMC: You are currently in the Master of Divinity program at Candler School of Theology. Can you tell us more about what you are studying and your dreams and goals after you complete your degree?

Charlotte: I’ll be studying the Old Testament, the New Testament, worship arts, theology, missions, evangelism, Christian and church history, United Methodist history, polity, and doctrine, Christian education and formation. I am still discerning what I’ll be doing after completing my degree. I would like to enter full time church/pastoral ministry, but I also want to continue my education (whether it’s another master’s degree or a PhD). I was a triple major in undergrad (Religion, Music, Psychology), and I have a lot of different passions and interests. I also played soccer all four years of undergrad, and I was a part of countless musical ensembles.

DUMC: What do you like to do for fun outside of work and school?


• Reading (anything I can find)
• Running (although it’s more of a jog right now)
• Writing (especially when it’s not papers for classes)
• Watching TV (I love docuseries and I’m always up for suggestions about what to watch next)
• Cooking (who knew there were so many recipes out there!?)
• Being outdoors (I’m from Illinois so until it gets to be 0 degrees, I won’t complain about the cold!)
• Finding ways to spend time with my friends and family

To get in touch with Charlotte, please send her an email at charlotte.crofton@dunwoodyumc.org.