Celebrate Earth Day on April 22!

Earth Day is this coming week (April 22), and we would like to invite you to find a way to honor God’s creation. Below is just one suggestion of many that you can do to celebrate Earth Day this year.

Go on an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt with your Family!

Take a hike/walk in a park or just in the neighborhood. The area doesn’t have to be big. Give each person, even the youngest, a list of 22 items in nature to find. Adapt the level of difficulty by age. Ask the youngest to find a rock, but older ones can find a rock the size of a fist or one that has red in it, for example. Create teams or just help each other. Have fun! Talk about God’s good gift of nature.

This creation care tip is brought to you by the Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) of Dunwoody UMC. For more information about ESC, contact Jay Pryor at jpryor@uga.edu.

Please click HERE to view A Prayer for Our Earth.