Back 2 School

August 10, 2018

A couple of days ago, I bumped into one of the children at the church. It was late afternoon and she was carrying her backpack. I guessed she had come straight from school to the church for some activity. Turning to her, I asked, “How is school going?” Her eyes brightened and she said, “Great!”

Hearing that, I immediately thought of when I was her age. I was never that excited about school. I was always more interested in playing a game of sandlot baseball, or a pick-up game of football. Still, I was thrilled to hear her enthusiasm. Her feelings about school today will likely translate into some good things later on in life.

I also thought about Jesus and his disciples. When Jesus called the disciples to follow him, they essentially enrolled in a school of discipleship. As they walked with him over the next three years they learned about the love of God and love for God, forgiveness, grace, integrity, hope, vulnerability, sacrifice, and a whole host of other things that lead to abundant and eternal life. Their lives gained substance and depth. They became better people than they ever dreamed was possible for them.

Jesus continues to invite his disciples to be a part of his school of discipleship. Often, people think that making a commitment to Christ and joining a church is the end of the matter. Actually, that is where it all starts. It is what we do with that over the rest of our lives that determines the growth of our faith and the depth of our spirit.

This Wednesday, August 15, our Wednesday Night Suppers get under way. With that, comes a whole host of children’s choirs, Bible studies, book studies, fellowship groups, and other classes in the school of discipleship.

To help with that, at this first Wednesday Night Supper, we will have an orientation, from 6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., of all that will be occurring in the fall.

I hope you will plan to join us. In fact, I hope you will plan to be a part of Jesus’ school of discipleship as it is found here at Dunwoody United Methodist Church. Remember, your enthusiasm about the school of discipleship today could translate into some good things later on in life.