An Excellent Beginning

One Sunday morning, just a few days before Thanksgiving, a Sunday School teacher invited her class of small children to share some of the things for which they were thankful. Several of the children responded by naming the sort of items you might expect—family members, pets, friends, etc.

However, when one little boy was asked, he replied that he was grateful for his eyeglasses. It seemed a bit odd to the teacher, so she pressed him a bit. “Why your glasses?” she asked. “Because,” he answered, “when I wear my glasses the other boys won’t hit me and the girls won’t kiss me.”

We all have things for which we’re grateful, don’t we? One of the things for which I’m grateful is the response you have made to our Consecration Sunday Celebration. While all of the pledge cards have not yet been returned at this moment, we have received 363 financial commitments for a total of $2,171,085, which is 2/3 of what is needed. Of the pledges turned in, 74 were new and 97 members increased their giving over last year, for a net increase of $335,559. Additionally, we had several hundred of you join us for the Consecration Luncheon, immediately following Sunday School and the Traditional Service.

This is an excellent beginning. In fact, take a moment to stop right now and imagine all the ministries this makes possible. Imagine the lives that will be touched and how God will be able to use our church to make a difference for His Kingdom because of the commitments that you as a congregation have made to Jesus the Christ.
This is also an excellent time for those who like to make stock gifts. The market is at record highs and giving stock has tax advantages that make giving to the church an attractive option. Obviously, neither I nor the church are in a position of giving tax advice, so you would want to be sure to consult your tax advisor before making such a contribution, but it may be something to consider.

If you have not made your pledge, I’ve have good news for you. You can still do so until December 31. You may drop a pledge card in the offering plate on Sundays, send one by mail to DUMC or visit

Finally, I want to say a word of thanks to Fran Millar who is the Chairperson of the Stewardship Committee. He, along with Roger Young, Rev. Calissa Dauterman and our Communications Team—Nicole Bregar, Brooke Hutchins and Emily Schroeder—have done an outstanding job getting us to this place. We have a ways to go, but as I mentioned, this is an excellent beginning.