Exciting News!

I have some exciting news to share with you. After nearly a year of planning and execution, the DUMC Communications Team launched a brand new website with a different and more dynamic look.

The new website is driven by three key objectives: a) Clearly communicate the worship, missions and congregational experience of DUMC; b) Provide accurate, timely and comprehensive information to attract first time visitors and retain those who do visit the Church; and c) Provide and support a platform that enables flexible, authentic content for an evolving Church.

When you first visit the website, one of the things you will immediately notice is the great impression it gives of the Church. You will also notice it has easy navigation, bold headings and brief content on key topics that are of most interest to an online guest who is evaluating churches. It includes key contact information for most topics and events and has more vibrant photography and convenient links.

Did you know…

56% of smartphone – carrying millennials scope out churches online before visiting?

46% of church attenders say a church’s website was important in picking a church for a visit?

43% of church website visitors look for service times?

The average website visitor spends only 10 seconds before making a snap judgement about the organization? If they are unimpressed they will click away to another site.

Only 1 minute or less is spent on an average website visit?

I mentioned at the top our Communications Team. I want to say a special word of appreciation to the following people who have invested an incredible amount of time to help make this new website possible: Bryan Jordin; Gentry Moore; Danielle Johnson; Anne West; Allison Fears; Emily Schroeder; Nicole Bregar and Brooke Hutchins.

Of course, our greatest hope in all of this is that through this exciting new website, more people will be attracted to our Church where they can learn more about the love of Christ and enter into our dynamic Christian community and become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

In fact, let me encourage you to take a moment right now and visit www.dunwoodyumc.org and spend a few minutes learning about your new web home.

See you Sunday, if not before!