Three Ways to Pray this Lent

This year, DUMC is All In with our prayers, and there are several ways for you to pray with us this Lent. Follow along with our Daily Lenten Devotionals by downloading the PDF, or sign up here to receive these reflections straight to your email inbox daily (choose the Advent & Lent Devotional option).

You can also create a daily prayer practice with your Lent-at-Home Kit, available beginning Sunday, Feb. 14 from 9:00 a.m. to noon at the Activities Building portico, or outside the church office thereafter.

Finally, DUMC’s prayer ministry has created a Prayer Tree just to the right of the Sanctuary main entrance. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, there will be prayer “ornaments” for you to write your prayer request on and then hang on the tree. These prayer requests will be prayed over by the prayer intercessors each week. We welcome prayers from all people, including all our neighbors, and hope that you will take some time during Lent to deepen your prayer time.