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My Dunwoody UMC

Welcome to My Dunwoody UMC the portal for some of your most frequesnt intreaction with your church.  Some of the functions included in the Portal are:

  • Online Giving
  • Event Registration
  • Church Group Messaging and Email
  • Personal Record Changes
  • Print Committee Labels or Reports

A secure, private connection to the church database, accessible only by Dunwoody UMC members, is available at You will be amazed by how this link will make our connections to the church and to each other easier and closer than ever before!


So When Were You Born?

We are talking about a new, secure, private connection for Dunwoody UMC members to the Dunwoody UMC Church database.

So why do I care when you were born? Missing that date really hinders Dunwoody UMC from fully using electronic resources in its ministry. You can imagine the chaos that results if a minister tries to search on all young adults for a special activity, and a number of birthdates are missing. So when you click on “I want to view my profile,” check out and update your information—and be sure the birthdate is there.


What Group Are YOU In?

One of the great features that will be available is the "My Groups" option. Under "My Groups" you can see the present Dunwoody UMC activities in which you participate. For each one, you can print a directory of members of that group, print out mailing labels for the whole group, or better yet, email the whole group at once. Leaders can create new groups and set up their activities. And if you need any more information about a Dunwoody UMC member, simply click on "Directories" to view a private online Dunwoody UMC directory, including phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.

All of us know that our best relationships at Dunwoody UMC are formed in the various activities that we share with small numbers of other members. The "My Groups" part of Access ACS will let those groups minister together better than ever.



Access ACS is an online tool that lets you connect with Dunwoody UMC in an individual and much more personalized way than does the web site.


Click on "Member Login" below. You will be taken to the Dunwoody UMC login page to enter your user name and password. New users will need to click on “Get Your User Name and Password” first. You then need to enter your name and email address exactly as it is listed in the Dunwoody UMC directory. Once submitted by clicking on “Register”, you will receive an email from Jim Boyea with your user name and an assigned password to enter Access ACS.


With your user name and password, you may sign in (though the first time you will need to create your own password) reaching a page called My Dashboard. Across the top are headings: My Overview, My Profile, Directories, Groups, and Calendar. Let’s focus on “My Profile” for now.


Click on My Profile and you will see Personal Information, Contact Information (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses), various other categories, and a list of family members. To gain familiarity with Access ACS, we suggest that first you work to review the information about you and your family as it comes from the Dunwoody UMC database. You are encouraged to edit what information is there, updating or altering it as appropriate. When you submit changes, they go to Debbie Collins, and you will receive confirmation that changes have been made. Note that at the top of the page is a menu choice to “Report a Problem”. Clicking there will bring up an email box to Jim and Debbie as well as Jason McCranie who can respond also by email.


We encourage you to look through the rest of the My Profile page and to explore other pages within Access ACS.




*You must login with your email address that is on file in the church office.

Youth Contacts

Montana Hamby
Associate Director of Youth Missions
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770-394-0675 ext. 105

Brooke Freeman
Youth Ministry Associate
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770-394-0675 ext. 102

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