Waiver and Code of Conduct

Dunwoody United Methodist Church takes the safety and well-being of your child very seriously. This includes appropriate safety measures and adherence to the Safe Sanctuary Policy of Dunwoody United Methodist Church and the United Methodist Church.

By allowing your child to attend activities or an event with Dunwoody United Methodist Church Youth Ministry, you agree that you may be giving up legal rights and remedies available to yourself and your family. Read this waiver carefully. If you have questions, contact an attorney.

Trip Scholarships

Our goal is that our retreats and mission trips will be accessible to any student regardless of financial status. Partial scholarship monies are available on a limited basis to students whose families have financial need. These scholarship funds are generously donated by church members and others and are designated specifically for this use.

To request a scholarship for a retreat or trip, please fill out this form and either submit a hard copy to the Youth Ministry office or email it to a member of the Youth Ministry staff. All information received is kept in strict confidence.

Youth Ministry Trip Scholarship Form

Dunwoody UMC Youth Policies and Procedures

The youth ministry of Dunwoody United Methodist Church seeks to serve the families of our community in ministry and to create disciples for the transformation of the world. To better embody our mission, we have instituted a set of policies and procedures that govern certain aspects of our ministry. For any questions, please contact any member of the youth ministry staff.

Safe Sanctuary Policy

Dunwoody UMC Youth Fundraising Policies

Activity Consent and Release

The Dunwoody United Methodist Church Youth Ministry takes every precaution to make sure your child is provided a safe environment during activities and trips. Please carefully read over this form and sign in the appropriate spaces. We encourage parents to keep a copy of this form and to contact the youth ministry staff with any questions or concerns.


Youth Contacts

Montana Hamby
Associate Director of Youth Missions
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
770-394-0675 ext. 105

Brooke Freeman
Youth Ministry Associate
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770-394-0675 ext. 102

Youth Sign-Up

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