DUMC Preschool Staff 2017-2018

The teaching staff is a group of highly trained, educated, and skilled preschool teachers. We maintain high standards by attending workshops, seminars, in service training classes, and conferences throughout the school term and in the summer. We are challenged and enthusiastic about working with young children. Each teacher has her own special talent which, when brought together as a whole, makes for a terrific staff!

Our teachers reflect a firm Christian faith and have taken time to learn how to share that faith with young children.

We are anticipating an exciting year with your child. It will be rewarding to watch your preschooler discover new things, experiment, create, and grow!

2017-2018 STAFF ROSTER


Susan Hotchkiss

Associate Director

Amy Rohan

Preschool Administrator

Cassie Odom

Curriculum Coordinator

Anne Trask

Kindergarten Class

Anne Trask

Sue Hebda

Four Year Old Classes

Paige Casey

Amie Amacher

Erin Zack

Lisa Beiger

Jennifer Finck

Julie Barrett

Ashley Endara

Sally Blinder 

Three Year Old Classes

Pam Scott

Maria Siegel

Tricia Casey

Kira Dunkerley

Laurel Sybilrud

Gayle Creese

Lauren Patton

Lisa Wright

Elizabeth Taptich

Sarah Seelke

Two Year Old Classes

Laurel Sybilrud

Argie Sirmans

Paula Daugherty

Debie Radloff

Jeni Guy                                                                                                                                                    

Amy Trizzino                                                                                                                                                  

Julie LaFramboise

April Franke


Amy Hanks

Susan Grider

Kim Smith

Suzanne Wilcox

Cristina Soares

Beth Head




Diane Campbell

Suzanne Heninger


Kristin Dooley