Conceptual Rendering ~ Traditional Service

DUMC Traditional-Rendering REVISED

Conceptual Rendering ~ Contemporary Service

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Campaign Plans

The MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER campaign will enhance our worship through:

Building Upgrades $2,253,000

• Chancel, Sanctuary & Balcony
The Chancel floor will expand by 22 feet, bringing the clergy closer to the congregation and adding up to 100 seats for the choir. It will provide ample space for the piano, hand bells and orchestra when needed.

• Heating & Air
Updates to our HVAC system will reduce energy costs and improve overall comfort.

Music & Audio/Visual Improvements $2,647,910

• Acoustics
Acoustics within the Sanctuary will be modified to accommodate our multiple worship styles and improve the clarity of the spoken word.

• Sound System
Installation of a new sound system will greatly enhance the sound quality and clarity.

• Organ Renewal
Our renewed organ will be moved along with the choir to the front of the Sanctuary to a new home on the Chancel.

• Modernized Lighting
New lighting will be added to the Chancel, along with floor lights, downlights and cove lights to enhance the worship service experience.

• Video System
The new Chancel will feature one center and two side screens which will be raised and lowered as needed. New HD projectors will provide vivid images.

Contingency & Soft Costs $699,090
TOTAL COST $5,600,000

Building Timeline

Charge Conference - October or November 2017

Phase 1 Construction - May - October 2018

Organ Installation Complete - October 2019

Complete Renovation - October 2019

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Campaign Co-Chairs:
Neal Purcell
Sean Taylor

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