A Vision with Flesh and Bones!


One year ago, DUMC adopted our vision "to be a dynamic Christian community of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ." Last spring we adopted a five-year strategic plan that began September 1, 2016, and puts flesh and bones on that vision.

Several of the 112 strategic plan initiatives can be grouped together as "Enhanced Worship." While enhanced worship is a part of our strategic plan, it is always on the radar screen of our church's leadership. For example, over the last three years much energy and effort has gone into enhancing our contemporary worship service, and we have seen dynamic results.

One aspect of our strategic focus on enhanced worship deals with our traditional worship services – specifically with the possibility of moving the Chancel Choir and organ from the balcony into the chancel area.

Over the last several months, this has been discussed with the Leadership Roundtable, the Staff-Parish Relations Committee, the Organ Committee, the Choir, the Board of Trustees, and the Committee of 100. Each has given overwhelming support to explore this possibility.

At Monday night's Church Council meeting, the Board of Trustees made a motion to form a building committee to study moving the Chancel Choir and organ to the chancel area of the sanctuary. The motion was unanimously approved

This is the first of many steps before any final decisions are made. The Nominations Committee needs to nominate members for the Building Committee. The Building Committee will meet and report their recommendations back to the Church Council. Should the church choose to move forward at that time, a capital campaign will be conducted and final approval must be given by the Charge / Church Conference.

It's an exciting time in our church as we consider this and other initiatives approved by our Church Council as part of the Strategic Plan. As your pastor, I ask you to keep the Church Council and leadership of our church in your prayers as we seek to be faithful to the Christ who stands out ahead of us saying, "Follow me."

Your Pastor,